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Philo: Your New Favorite Streaming Add-On

For the basic cable lover in all of us.


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While cruising one of my tech blogs, I came across an article about the streaming service finally coming to Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, I learned of this service Philo. I had not been aware of them up until this point and I couldn’t believe that I had not heard of it.

I am a big fan of a lot of different TV channels, especially the Scripps Media-owned HGTV family of channels (like, all of them. Food Network, Cooking Channel, DIY and of course, HGTV). Then there are the Discovery Channel family and Viacom-owned group including Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TV Land, Paramount Network and Nickelodeon. This, along with several others, are not all together on any of the major streaming services (Sling, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sony Playstation Vue or DirecTV Now) without major cost upgrades.

For instance, to get all of these channels, plus Disney/ESPN channels on Sling, you end up spending nearly $60. And even then, the Discovery Channels are not cleared on Sling. Or YouTube TV. Playstation Vue only has a Food and HGTV, but not the others from that company. I could go on, but you get the picture.

For just $20 on Philo, you get all of the channels listed above and more. Supplement that with an HD antenna for local channels and that is as inexpensive as you can get! This takes into account that you are not a sports fan, which are now almost exclusively on pay-TV channels. To combat this, in our household we got YouTube TV (you can read about that here) for $35 a month before they raised the price to $40 and added in Philo for $20, coming in at $55 which is comparable to what we were paying for Sling with all the add-ons, but our combined package has all of the channes we want, including Discovery and A&E, among others. Plus, you can use all of the apps for these channels by using you Philo login credentials.

Finally, the interface and picture quality are great. It is a bit cumbersome when you first login because it uses your phone number as your login. Once you are logged in to Roku, it is all good, but when you log in from the computer, it texts you a code to put in every time. It was less convenient than a username and password, but for the savings you get with this service, it is worth the inconvenience.

As I have mentioned before, the great thing about these services is that you can stop or start them whenever you want without being tied to them with any sort of contract. Plus, most of them have a free trial period. Happy streaming!

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