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The other night, my parents came into town to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. At one point of the evening when the conversation died down, all of us, three generations, found ourselves looking down at our smartphones, including my mother who just gotten hers the week before. In fact, I believe it was her request for help from my daughters that began this conversation.

As this was happening, my daughter looked up and said, “Wow, there was a time when you didn’t have cell phones. That must have been weird!” We have come very far in terms of technology. My father and I have this conversation all the time, with Dad recalling that there was a time when you had to have the operator connect your call and getting the first television in the home.

Growing up with a fascination of media and technology, I have studied the evolution of gadgets and the content that is consumed on them. We are in a digital revolution of content creation and I truly believe we are at a turning point of marketing. With the convergence of media consumption unified over computers, mobile phones, set-top boxes and tablets, there has been no better time to reach your target audience. That is the goal of dabuzz media: To assist our clients in navigating this amazing new opportunity and to be the first to utilize this unique opportunity. Much like the introduction of FM radio and television, this new technology will be met with skepticism and doubt. But, like those technologies this form of marketing will become the new normal. It’s going to be a fun ride.

We look forward to finding solutions to your digital marketing needs. Contact us today to find out more and we look forward to serving you.

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