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[icon image=”cog” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]The world of media has changed. The days of the regular mass media buy are over. They have been declining for years, but still companies cling to the old ways of marketing and while many of them are still very worthwhile, they are losing the effectiveness that they once had. Consumers and business clients are communicating in a whole new way. Email is now available anywhere we are. People are searching for things using their smart phones now instead of heading to a computer. We are getting our news more and more from online sources. This is where the eyeballs are and where your message should be.


That is the foundation on which dabuzz media is built. With experience in just about every mass media content provider, we have seen the contextual, audio and video content that once consumed only in print, radio and television is making it’s way to computers, tablets and mobile phones. We want your business’ message to be along side this content. We want you to have your real estate in the digital world. Most of all, we want to tell the story of your business to your current and potential customers.

We create INTERACTIVE content MARKETING your company to a new generation of users utilizing the best digital ADVERTISING available.  View our services and let us assist you find the right ones for your business.

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[icon image=”wrench” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]Site Design

Optimized for all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets.

[icon image=”magic” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]Online Advertising

Driving new customers and Return On Investment.

[icon image=”cog” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]Social Media

Connecting you with your customers and creating buzz.

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[icon image=”beaker” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]Increased Sales

Reaching new customers and driving traffic.

[icon image=”tint” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]Engaged Customers

Giving customers a reason for repeat visits.

[icon image=”tasks” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left”]Measurable Advertising Results

Analytics that show how your money is spent.

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Matt PrielippMatt Prielipp is the founder and principal at dabuzz media. He has been involved with just about every facet and form of media for the past 30 years. Starting at the local town newspaper as a reporter and assistant photo editor, he moved on to the local community cable television station as a cameraman and director. From there radio became his calling and he worked in just about every position at the stations including station manager, program director, disc jockey and marketing and promotions for companies such as ABC/Disney and Bonneville International.

It was while in radio that he discovered his true calling: online media. He created his first website for the radio station he was working for in 1996 and has been creating content ever since, opening dabuzz media to do just that in 2004. In 2011, he joined Google Adwords Sales & Support, becoming Google Adwords Certified and helping small business owners in their first 30 days in the Adwords program. Seeing the need for continued support beyond that 30 days and assistance with other aspects of their digital marketing including site design and social media, he relaunched dabuzz media in it’s new form as an Interactive Marketing Agency.

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Free Consultation
We will sit down with you to assess your current situation and provide solutions to take your digital marketing to an even better level.


Design A Solution
We will then design a solution that meets the needs of your business and industry. Not all digital solutions work for every business, but with our experience we can find the right one for you.


Develop The Strategy
When we begin working together, dabuzz media will develop the strategy and the tools to increase your sales and traffic.


Deliver Results
Once the tools are created, dabuzz media will continue to work to refine and optimize your site and campaigns for maximum results.



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